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Works and Services

NTT Energy -

is a leading engineering company in the field of integration continuous and uninterruptable power supply systems.

We are the team of experts who are able to protect your business by developing super-reliable systems of uninterruptable power supply. We have been working to provide sustainable and faultless operation for your business since 1994.
 Our task is designing new up-to-date engineering in-feed and ventilation systems.

We work to make our customers able to implement their most challenging projects.

We propose efficient overall solutions wielding forceful development. The reliability of our engineering systems grounds on rigorous approach to all stages of their integration from design on out to testing of every module and the system as a whole.

The main keystone of the success gained by NTT Energy is our endeavoring to ultimate solutions of the Customer’s tasks when accomplishing your interests becomes our common goal.

Fair cooperation based on trust and mutual understanding – here is our way in the business.

«NTT Energy» has been an official distributor of General Electric, Kphler-SDMO, ORTEA, EFORE Companies in Ukraine and offers uninterruptible power supplies (UPS); electric power plants (diesel electric-power generators); voltage stabilizers; continuous current power-plants; distributing and switching equipment (electric boards).

«NTT Energy» is also a distributor of the European manufacturer of diesel-electric sets and electric power plants, SDMO Industries. They provide electric power supply regardless of external agents and forces and may be used as an auxiliary or independent power source. By virtue of the quality, innovations and reliability, SDMO’s diesel-electric sets have been in high demand throughout more than 150 countries of the world.

The projects elaborated by experts of NTT Energy allow creating super-reliable systems taking into consideration design peculiarities of constructions, production facilities as well as the enterprise growth prospects. Owing to a wealth of experience, the engineering team of NTT Energy realizes state-of-the-art solutions enabling the Customer to forget of any troubles related to any failures in the power network.

«NTT Energy Service Centre is the part of the General Electric Global Service Network. Our engineers perform installation and maintenance of UPS by GE (UPS) abroad also. The electric boards manufactured by NTT Energy comply with the European Standards and aimed to provide secured power supply for responsible consumers