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About the Company

We have provided sustainable and continuous operation of your business since 1994.
Our task is creating up-to-date power supply engineering and conditioning systems.
We work for enabling our Customers to implement their most challenging projects.
We propose efficient all-in-one solutions highly potent of development. The reliability of our engineering systems is achieved by thorough approach to each stage of their creation starting with design up to testing every module and the system as a whole.
The basis of NTT Energy success is striving to solve the Customer’s challenges ultimately when implementing of their interests has become our common goal.
Fair cooperation based on faith and mutual understanding is our way in business.

The major benefit that may be offered by NTT Energy to its Customers is high-end system integration of uninterruptible power supplies, diesel electric-power generators, automation devices, conditioning and ventilation systems along with other equipment into consolidated engineering complexes.

The projects being developed by the experts of NTT Energy provide all possibilities to compose super-reliable solutions of uninterruptible power systems as well as conditioning and ventilation assemblages considering all design peculiarities of constructions, processing equipment, facility development prospects and users’ desires.

Managers and experts of NTT Energy have been regularly trained at European study centres of manufacturing companies that enables the company to keep abreast of the times anywhen and implement state-of-the-arts engineering trends.
While working with a Customer, our main task is elaborating and embodying the most effective engineering solutions enabling our customers to forget about the troubles of power supply failures and focus on handling the main tasks.

NTT Energy possesses the State License on Performance Special Works in Design and Construction and aside from supplies of all necessary equipment, fulfils the following works:
• design;
• assembly and construction;
• testing and commissioning;
• development and manufacturing distribution boards, ATSs, automation systems;
• training of the Customer’s operational personnel;
• warranty maintenance and service.

Operating as a general contractor, NTT Energy combines the potential of construction, assembling and manufacturing companies into unitary project to utmost satisfy the customer’s needs in integrating engineering systems with large-scale units of electronic and electrical equipment.