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GE Digital Energy


Energy NTT has been representing GE Digital Energy Company, one of the greatest global producers of uninterruptable power supply systems.

GE Digital Energy manufactures the state-of-the-art, advanced, intelligent systems of uninterruptable power supply to reliably protect computer, connection and telecommunication means, automated operation process control systems, medical, scientific and other electronic equipment against voltage instability and feed blackouts.

GE Digital Energy is a rapidly developing leader at the joint of information technologies and energy delivery. Safe and easily controlled energy is the business by GE Digital Energy.

By virtue of complete range of hardware and program solutions comprising the UPS from 300 VA up to 4 MVA for protection the informational systems against breakdowns and control power feed process, GE Digital Energy proves able to offer the technical solution meeting all your demands.




Since the day of its foundation, in 1966, the French Group of Companies “SDMO® Industries” has selected manufacture of generator units to be the main and exclusive direction of its activities. Due to its specialization, SDMO® can focus its endeavors at improving quality and competitiveness of the products yielded. Nowadays, the French Group of Companies has been one of the leading world manufacturers of generator sets.

SDMO®’s area of expertise is manufacturing wide spectrum of standard electric generating plants within the capacity range from 1 up to 2250 kVA.

The manufacturing facilities of the group comprise 3 state-of-the art plants on the territory of France. Many years’ experience, overall dedication to the rigorously defined kind of the products, common information space provide high operational efficiency of every department. Producing the standard equipment, SDMO® takes part in support and implementation highly customized sophisticated projects on creation tailor-made uninterruptible power supply systems.

In order to secure high reliability of the products, SDMO® Group implemented strict quality control procedure at its enterprises. Accurate observance of the procedure enabled the SDMO® production to be certified for compliance with ISO 9001 that, in its turn, ensures timely delivery, excellent quality, high safety, and advanced support of the equipment. 




Since 1969 ORTEA Company has been a leader in manufacturing voltage stabilizers, ferromagnetic and electric devices.

 The success at the market of electro-technical products has been achieved due to meticulous work of high-professional staff and great expertise background accumulated for many years of the company existence. The Company has developed new process solutions, optimized structure and design of equipment, applied the up-to-date developments in the area of microelectronics and high technologies. The equipment manufactured by ORTEA Company complies with all requirements of ISO 9001:2000 in terms of quality system.




Efore Group is an international company operating in the field of design and manufacture of different-type devices used in constant current systems.

The Company was founded in 1975. The headquarters of Efore Group is located in Finland. The Company staff numbers more than 900 persons. Summarizing the results of the previous year, the Company declared the net income of 69.7 MIO EUR.

The innovative policy, high level of expertise, great experience accumulated throughout the years and control over the product quality standards of Efore Group are behind the Company’s success.


Victron energy


Victron Energy Company is the first manufacturer of high-end qualitative invertors in the world.
The company was founded in 1975. Having started its way on a minor technical firm with a small office, Victron Energy has been a large multinational company that performs its activities in more than 60 countries of the world today.

In recent years Victron Energy has sustainable order growth by 30% in comparison with every previous year. There are almost 200 products in the Company’s offer today; and such worldly-known names as Sunseeker, Najad, Bavaria Yachts, ATS Euromaster, US Coast Guard, the army and ambulance service of Holland, Trinity House, Oyster, and many other are among its customers.