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Microprocessor-based control modules

Precision electronic control and the parameters monitoring together with the computing operations speed combined in the МХ150 and МХ250 microprocessor modules provide the ATS operation reliability and safety of the service personnel. All the ATS parameters' settings (time delays, switches' operation thresholds, etc.) are carried out without the ATS de-energizing and without opening the rack door. The microprocessor modules have the password protection against the unauthorized access to set-up menu.

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   MX150 microprocessor module    

New generation GE Zenith™ MX microprocessor panels control the automatic transfer switches and display the switch position, time, available power sources, voltage and current values, events accounting, etc. Built-in digital controller of MX series ensures the high reliability and simple automatic execution of operations in the wide range of applications.

Characteristics and advantages

  • Digital timers with setting step of 1 second. 
  • Suitable LCD with resolution of 4 x 20.
  • LED indication of the counter state, ATS position and time delay during testing and diagnostics.  
  • Input optoisolation to provide the high resistance to pulse interference and noise.
  • Adjustment of the voltage and frequency with setting step of 1 %.
  • Voltage and frequency measurement:   ~ voltage decrease on the main (S1) and backup (S2) entries, and also the frequency decrease on the backup power source (S2);   ~  voltage decrease on the main entry (three-phase) and the backup entry (single-phase);   ~  determining the voltage unbalance between the phases.  
  • Measurement of the voltage (three-phase) decrease on the main entry: factory default - 90 % for the direct operation and 80 % for back operation (adjustable parameters, see Table 1).
  • Monitoring the voltage and frequency on the redundant entry: factory default - 90 % for voltage and 95 % for frequency (adjustable values).
  • Easily integrated into system the serial on-off principle (e.g. «elevator pre-signal» and «motor load disconnect»).
  • Universal Motor Disconnect (UMD) supports the operation with programming for pre-signal, post-signal or both signals simultaneously.  
  • Circuit solution concerning the line voltage isolation from the control board by means of individual transformer.
  • Simple design of the basic elements and modules for the purpose of the simple replacement.
  • Built-in diagnostics system. 
  • Nonvolatile memory.
  • Supporting the operations using the LonWorks/ModBus communication protocols (supporting the RS 232, RS 422 and RS 485 physical interfaces).
  • Supporting the test various procedures start.
  • If necessary, the operation testing mode allows manual cancelling the timers operation (by pressing the button).
  • Supporting the automatic energy saving mode (display backlight) - adjustable on/off time.
  • Switch for testing procedure (quick test / with load / without load) - simulation of the power fail on the main entry. 
Understandable user functions 
  • LED indication of the sources availability, the switch position, diagnostics and delay timer operation during testing.
  • Intuitive interface for using the microprocessor panel.
  • Precision adjusting the ATS operation thresholds for voltage, frequency and delay time setup.
  • Switch for testing procedure (quick test / with load / without load) - simulation of the power fail on the main entry.


   MX250 microprocessor panel   

Upgraded МХ250 control panel with the new functions is the standard panel of the ATS model range ZTS. МХ 250 series which provides the advanced programming functions and application fields and ensures the high reliability and simple control.

Characteristics and advantages
  • Supporting the operation of all switch types: ~ standard switching (with break), with delay and bypass; ~ non-breaking switching (with upgraded monitoring system).
  • Simply used interface for programming the generator testing procedure (with load / without load) with any testing interval.
  • Wide range of voltages.
  • LCD – displays the ATS real-time state including the active timer(s).  
  • Circuit solution concerning the line voltage isolation from the control board by means of individual transformer.
  • Multilevel system of password protection. 
  • Serial connection with other ATSs, distributing devices and SCADA system. 
  • Time-proved principle of the phase angles and frequency synchronous automatic measurement for smooth switching.
  • ATS real-time static monitoring.
  • UMD (Universal Motor Disconnect) function ensures the motor protection during switching.  
  • Voltage asymmetry monitoring (per three phases).
  • Supporting all functions of the MX 150 microprocessor panel.