ИБП SG Series 10-600 кВА, промышленные ибп, ибп промышленный, Промышленные ИБП, промышленный ибп, промышленные источники бесперебойного питания, ибп для сервера, ибп для серверов, источник бесперебойного питания промышленный, промышленный источник

Remote control and monitoring

Exclusive feature of ATS АВР GE Zenith is the possibility of the remote monitoring of the switches functionality using the open communication protocols. To enter the new equipment to monitoring network it is enough to install the network board and connect it to monitoring network; the parameters setup is carried out automatically according to  Plug and Play principle. 

 Simple usage at monitoring, ease of data storage and the GE Zenith automatic transfer switches control

«Viewpoint Monitoring» system is the hard- and software product, simple for understanding and operation, which allows monitoring, controlling, automatic receiving the data on  ATS GE Zenith and ease of archive information storage.

Simple installation of monitoring system - PLUG-AND-PLAY

Once installed the monitoring system, it will automatically determine the ATSs and measuring devices connected to the monitoring network and generate the appropriate messages for displaying them on the host computer display. Display will show the network configuration of the devices connected to EnerVista monitoring system.

Display preliminary configuration for instantaneous monitoring

  • Display preliminary configuration for all ATS GE Zenith ZTG and ZTS series and GE Multilin, GE MicroVersa measuring devises as well.
  • Monitoring the real-time parameters of voltage, frequency, timers, etc.
  • Review of the ATS testing status and the testing modes setup.  
  • Immediate identification of the network critical devices status.

Monitoring and control simple display

Monitoring status of the guaranteed power supply system all components is displayed by means of the simple and intuitive single-line diagram. Design solutions concerning the commands exchange between the master device (host computer) and slave devices (up to 32 ATSs, measuring devices) provide the complete monitoring to mmet the power supply system reliability requirements.    

Creating the monitoring diagram
  • Creating the monitoring diagram system using the object dragging method as it is used in the most of the Windows environment software products.   
  • Symbols set includes the numerous auxiliary icons and tools necessary to operator for simple display of the power supply system diagrams.
  • Software includes all known measuring devices, and each of these devices has the assigned graphical icon.
  • Supporting the possibility of importing the diagrams created in the AutoCAD application.
  • Possibility of creating the interactive references for providing the quick transfer to other diagrams in your network.


Monitoring system carries out measurement of parameters for all ATS GE Zenith and all GE Multilin measuring devices. Then it generates the alarms both for digital and analog values in the event of these values are beyond the preset limits.

Powerful monitoring and simple usage

Even the minimal configuration of equipment provides the powerful monitoring of the ATS GE Zenith status and the various monitoring relays, measuring devices, tripping units and the monitoring and control devices themselves. Monitoring is carried out by means of data acquisition from all sensors and data transmission to processing center during the entire period ot he power supply system operation. In the event when any parameter is beyond the preset limits the monitoring system generates the appropriate alarm and displays this information on all indicating devices (host computer display, announcer). The control and monitoring system can maintain the simultaneous work with 32 ATSs in the network (or combinations of ATS with the measuring devices, monitoring relays, trippers).

Reporting procedure

Control and monitoring system creates the archive logs containing data about information collected from all devices in the network and stores it in unlimited quantity on the host computer hard disk.

Records concerning the monitoring information 
  • Collecting and saving the information on up to 500 different parameters from all devices connected to monitoring network.
  • Unlimited quantity of the information records with saving cycle of 1 minute. 
  • Review of information in chronological sequence or in a form of tables.
  • Keeping the event logs containing the values relating to any monitored ATS including the voltage values, generator start and stop, the sources availability, etc.
  • Possibility to convert the logs to Excel format for convenient storage and review in the Windows operating system.

Review of events concerning the ATS operation

Review of 16 most frequently met events for every monitored ATS. Event record contains information about the  event occurrence date and causes.

Archive records concerning the monitoring information
  • Possibility of reviewing the information on day / month / year, hour / minute / second of all critical states of ATS.
  • Possibility of reviewing the information on switching from the source to source, the generator start and stop, activation and deactivation of testing procedures, etc.
  • Information on the last 16 events is stored directly in the ATS.

Monitoring the ATS's and generator plant's status

Using the optional measuring devices mounted in the ATS rack and the generator plant monitoring devices (parts of GP), there is supported the possibility to review and log the detailed information on every source including the NFPA 110 alarms on the generator plant.