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ZT3000 Automatic transfer switch

Automatic transfer switch ZT3000 series is designed for using in the cases of the power supply source dual redundancy (without simultaneous operation of two sources). This switch is used for guaranteed power supply to special group of consumers, with switching mode "Mains - Mains - Generator" or "Mains - Generator - Generator" with possibility of selecting the first-priority power source.

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ATSs ZT3000 series are available in the several base configurations with different switching circuits and accessories inherent to ATS ZTS series. Design execution: NEMA 1; executions NEMA 3R, 4, 12 with interblock cable are available as well.

Basic characteristics:

  • operating current: 40 to 4000 А;
  • voltage: 120 to 600 V;
  • switch types: ordinary switch (with possibility of bypass with galvanic isolation) and switch with delay in the neutral position;
Two racks can be connected with each other using the bus with operating current of 600 - 4000 A.
ATS ZT3000 series has the flexible system configuration and can include:
  • Initial check of the generator parameters (“First Up” Generator Sensing)
  • Selection of the primary (first-priority) power source;
  • Service personnel protection;
  • Bypass with galvanic isolation.
GE Zenith ZT3100 is the automatic switch with tree entries for power supply sources. This switch is designed for providing single consumer (load) with two backup sources and one main source. The sources can represent both the public mains or the generators and the combinations of these sources.