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ZTSU Automatic transfer switch

 Suitable for all types of the consumers, provides the "Mains - Mains" redundancy circuit.

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In some cases, power supply source from the public mains is used instead of the generator. ATS ZTSU series is designed for switching between the main and backup power supply sources from the public mains. All the parameters of the currents, voltages, functionality, number of poles and mass-dimension values of ATS ZTSU series is completely identical to parameters of the  ATS ZTS series at the slight changes in schemes and accessories.

ATS ZTSU basic characteristics:

  • Operating current: 40 to 4000 А;
  • Voltage: 120-600 В;
  • Possibility of operation in the modes of the ordinary switching, switching with delay in the neutral position and switching without breaking the circuit;
  • Possibility of operation similarly to ATS ZTG series (with МХ150 mictoprocesoor) and the ATS ZBTS.series as well.