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ZTX Automatic transfer switches

ATS includes circuit for switching from electric mains to diesel generator. Optimal solution for providing the system for guaranteed electric supply to the residential buildings and the all types of lighting where the reliability and simple control are required.

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ZTX ATS basic characteristics:

  • Operating current: 40 to 400 А;
  • Voltage: 120 to 480 V;
  • Standard switching (without delay in the neutral position);
  • Voltage of disconnecting from the main source: 90% of rated voltage (fixed value);
  • Voltage of the main source recovery: 80 % of rated voltage (fixed value);
  • Time delay for generator start-up: 5 seconds (fixed value);
  • Time delay for generator warm-up: 15 seconds (fixed value);
  • Time delay of switching from the emergency mode: 5 minutes (fixed value);
  • Time delay for switching-off the generator: 1 minute (fixed value);
  • Period of automatic testing cycle: 7, 14, 21 or 28 days (adjusted value).