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Diesel generators, leasing

 We offer the total complex of services related to leasing («Cold» and «Hot» leasing) of the SDMO (France) independent diesel electric generators (power plants) of 32 to 458 kW power. All the diesel-generator plants (DGP) are used with the noise-insulating housings that allow operating even in the residential areas. Services set according to leasing payment   («Cold leasing») includes:

-  selecting the generator with required power taking into account the equipment inrush current;
-  connecting the generator at the Leaseholder's site with testing its operation at load and training the Customer personnel;
-  carrying out the generator scheduled maintenance;
-  24 h technical support and monitoring the equipment operation;
-  replacement of the failed generator with the identical one in the case of its repair impossibility at the Leaseholder's site.

The following services are provided optionally:

-  delivery and return of equipment including the loading-unloading work or providing the lease of trailers for DGP transportation;
-  providing the lease of additional fuel tanks or refueling the leased plants;
-  providing the lease of the power and control electric cables with appropriate section for connecting the generators;
-  providing the lease of the automatic transfer switch (ATS) cabinets;
-  providing the operator for DGP operating control.

«Hot leasing » represents providing the total complex of services concerning the DGP "turnkey" leasing based on the Customer's demands. Equipment is transferred to leasing on the base of the lease contract without any pledge. Rental payment is charged on daily base depending on the leasing term and the generator operation mode: stand-by, working shift or round-the-clock service. In case of operating time within 2 hours per day or 60 hours per months the equipment is considered as the stand-by one. At small operating hours quantity, the DGP use can be charged as the stand-by equipment leasing plus actual quantity of operating hours cost. а еру leasing term exceeds 90 days the price is agreed with each Customer in individual manner. Possibility of the long-term lease with the right for subsequent buy-out of the leased equipment is envisaged as well.

Leasing advantages

Every reasonable business-solution is taking into consideration the multiple factors, including the money and time saving, improvement of the work environment and safety. Once selected us, you obtain the following benefits:

-  using the modern equipment which was the subject to thorough technical inspection and preparation;
-  providing the equipment to site according to required terms;
-  testing the equipment and selecting the suitable model prior to order;
-  increasing the enterprise production capacity during the peak periods;
-  excluding the cost of support service (premises and personnel) and the replaceable equipment and tools;
-  excluding the expensive repair;
-  monitoring the payments. Leasing allows simplifying the account management as the rental fee is related to the current cost. You can accurately plan your financial activity, and the fixed cost of the leased equipment operation allows the most full monitoring of your expenses;
-  improving the operation safety. You can select the equipment type and size according to particular tasks that means the operation efficiency and safety.