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Inverter Generator

Inverter generators SDMO Inverter PRO Inverter generators SDMO Inverter PRO

The main structural difference is the use of inverter power generator voltage inverter, instead of the usual synchronous or asynchronous.

Unlike the synchronous and asynchronous generators type inverter voltage generator has a different principle of combining with the engine, which does not use a massive flywheel. This can significantly reduce the weight of the power plant, as well as its size.

The advantage is the quality of the inverter generator produces a voltage whose accuracy is ± 1%. This allows the inverter to power the generator complex appliances with high demands on the quality of the supply voltage. In particular here include computer and medical equipment, audio equipment, or any other high-precision electronic devices.

The electronic ignition system, inverter Petrol consume significantly less fuel than conventional petrol power. A electronic speed control automatically reduces or increases the engine speed, depending on the load. It helps not only save fuel, but also reduces the noise level at low load.

On sustainability, power inverter to a higher level of petrol and diesel, which allows their use in close proximity to humans. For example, in small shops, kiosks, or even on the balcony of a multi-storey building.

In inverter gasoline generator uses modern engine cooling system. A double sound-insulating cover and the use of improved muffler makes the generator even quieter and more comfortable.

Inverter power - is an indispensable thing for field trips. Due to the small dimensions, it does not take much space in the trunk of your car, and a low noise level, it helps to enjoy your vacation.