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Voltage stabilizers ORTEA

Single-phase voltage electrodynamic series VEGA 0,3-25 кВА Single-phase voltage electrodynamic series VEGA work with a load capacity of 0.3 kVA...
Single-phase voltage regulator ANTARES 15-135 kVA Single-phase electrodynamiс servodrive voltage stabilizers
Three-phase voltage regulator ORION 2-260 kVA Three-phase electrodynamiс servodrive voltage stabilizers.
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Three-phase voltage regulator Sirius 60-6000 kVA Three-phase electrodynamiс servodrive voltage stabilizers
Network conditioners and accessories ORTEA  Network conditioners based on the basic voltage regulators and accessories ORTEA....

Lineup stabilizers has the following main features:    

  • The range of input voltage variations - from -45% to +30%.
  • Stabilization accuracy: ± 0,5%.
  • Power Rating - 0.3 kVA-6000 kVA.
  • Crest factor - 10/1.
  • Load changes allowed from 0% to 100%.
  • Load imbalance is allowed up to 100%.
  • Insertion waveform distortion - 0.2% or less.
  • Operating temperature range - from -25 ° C to +45 ° C.
  • Overload capability 200% for 2 minutes.
  • Degree of protection - IP21.
  • Humidity value - 95%.

In our country, unfortunately, power surges are not uncommon. And where it is transparent to the man, can not go without for a modern sensitive equipment. GOST standards specified tolerance of 10% of the rated voltage of 220V. For most equipment supplied to Ukraine, the norm is 230 V and a rated voltage of power supply will be a 5% deviation from these devices. Thus, the equipment, even when working in the allowable standard deviation of the nominal mains voltage may be subject to rapid deterioration or failure. To avoid these problems, at the turn of electrical load protection, install a voltage regulator - a device designed to maintain the required voltage parameters in conditions of instability of the network.

Buy a voltage regulator - the solution where there is no requirement for the smooth operation of electrical equipment, and the main task is to protect against instability voltage sources. The main purpose of the stabilizer - to compensate for lowering and raising the input voltage.

NTT Energy Company is the official distributor in Ukraine, the Italian manufacturer of voltage stabilizers ORTEA and provides its own warranty on the product, followed by post-warranty, accredited by the manufacturer, service. ORTEA company founded in 1969 and today is one of the leading manufacturers of voltage stabilizers, ferromagnetic devices and electrical appliances. When choosing a partner we are in its judgment in the first place was based on the criteria of quality and reliability. But, along with this high-quality product ORTEA has several other competitive advantages, including the best value.

Stabilizers ORTEA independent of harmonic distortion in the power supply and can operate with a load range of 0 to 100% of the load. Just provide excellent response time and do not depend on the power factor. Another advantage of stabilizers ORTEA that they do not distort the network, do not shift the phase and do not alter the shape of the signal.

Stabilizers manufactured ORTEA have excellent output voltage accuracy: ± 0,5%, while silent. This high-tech device, developed in accordance with all the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 quality system.

Voltage regulators ORTEA used in industrial applications, in telecommunications, banking, etc. Are also used to protect the consumer load in country houses, cottages.Stabilizers ORTEA - European quality standard. They require very little maintenance, quick and easy to install, durable and reliable.

Company slogan «ORTEA» - «You do not want to repair the equipment, buy stabilizer. You do not want to fix the stabilizer, buy stabilizer company «ORTEA» ».

Choose the best option of the voltage regulator will help you staff NTT Energy.  




Today, the network is very often there are quite sensitive surges that lead to failure of the various types of equipment. To ensure reliable, safe and quality power you use equipment and devices necessary to use voltage regulators that line voltage drops in the network.Voltage stabilizer - a device that aligns and as close to the source, the voltage core network. Voltage selection is dependent on the application and the supply voltage.Stabilizers, depending on the output voltage divided by the stabilizers of AC and DC. Direct voltage pulse and fall into line.In the linear regulator (voltage divider) stabilization occurs due to changes in the resistance of one of the arms of the divider. Resistance varies so that the output voltage is kept constant.In the switching regulator voltage matching is done by the throttle, which accumulates to sue him energy pulse that subsequently released to the load in the form of electricity, but with a different voltage.Depending on the method of stabilization, distinguish relay stabilizers, servo, electronic and static. The most advanced - is electronic stabilizers, which have high accuracy and speed (20msek.).Voltage regulators are used in various fields of production and practical use of their owners and home. Household voltage is small in price in relation to the technology, which serves as your home and can be disrupted by fluctuations or surges. Circuit breakers, which are installed in the apartment or home boards do not protect against surges. From this only protects voltage that line voltage is supplied to the equipment and appliances in your home. If the voltage exceeds the value of the races of the lower and upper threshold used stabilizer, there is an automatic shutdown of all consumers.Choose the best option of the voltage regulator will help you staff NTT Energy.

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