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Network conditioners and accessories ORTEA

 Network conditioners based on the basic voltage regulators and accessories ORTEA.

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AC air conditioner

The product range is enriched ORTEA full network of air conditioners on the basic voltage regulators: Single-phase power conditioner LYBRA from 0.3 kVA to 135kVAThree-phase power conditioner from ARIES 2kVA to 260kVAThree-phase power conditioner ARIES Plus from 30kVA to 1000kVAThree-phase power conditioner DISCOVERY from 60kVA to 6000kVAAll network conditioners equipped with the following safety devices: Circuit breaker on the input

Overvoltage protection class 1 and 2Isolation TransformerEMI filterThese safety devices conditioner allows the network to perform a full load protection from any transients or disturbances in the power supply.Accessories.

To extend the capabilities of the voltage regulator to protect the load, install additional equipment on request. Depending on the power of the stabilizer, when recruiting additional equipment, size and weight may increase. Fuses or circuit breakers with the installation of the input and / or output;«SPD» surge protection 1 and / or Class 2 (lightning, power surges due to lightning and overvoltage)Automatic or manual bypass;Protection from overpricing / low voltage«EMI» filters are provided allowing the output regulator ideal sinusoidal signal;Inductive stabilizer neutral «IPN» to create a stable zero point;Isolation transformer if necessary electrical isolation between the network and the load, as well as the complete neutralization of the third harmonic of reducing impact of the 5th and 7th, balancing phase voltages;

Reactive power compensator (choice of stabilizer at full capacity);Digital Multimeters Network (production «Lovato», Italy), to monitor the 590 parameters with remote access;Additional protection from external factors (version IP54, dust and moisture protection. 


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