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Single-phase voltage regulator ANTARES 15-135 kVA

Single-phase electrodynamiс servodrive voltage stabilizers

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Antares series Single-phase electrodynamiс servodrive voltage stabilizers have the power of 15-135 kVA. The available models have the following input voltage stabilization: ± 15 %, ± 20 %, ± 25 %, ± 30 %, -25 %/+15 %, -35 %/+15 % and -45 %/+15 %. The output voltage stability equals ± 1%. Each range has its rated output power of device.

Note that ORTEA stabilizer all models are designed with some margin of power and have the real output power which exceeds its rated value.

Typical value of Antares series efficiency equals 98 %, and the output voltage control speed at input voltage change is within the range of 9 - 18 ms/V.

Antares series stabilizers are equipped with digital voltmeter, located on the system unit front panel, for measuring the output voltage, and light indicator showing the presence of input voltage.

The sound alarm is activated in the event of the output overload. Stabilizer circuit includes the circuit-breaker for protection against the shirt-circuit and the output overload. Control circuit is protected by means of fuse.

This model stabilizers are mounted inside the metallic housing installed on wheels to displace it.

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Adjustable output voltage: 220 - 230 - 240

Stabilization accuracy: ± 0,5%

Frequency: 50/60Hz ± 5%

Crest factor: 10/1

Allowable load variation 0 - 100%

Operating temperature: -25 / +45 ° C

Storage temperature: -25 / +60 ° C

Relative Humidity: 95%

Overload capacity: 200% 2min

Housing color: RAL 7035

Protection: IP 21

Installation: indoors