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Three-phase voltage regulator Sirius 60-6000 kVA

Three-phase electrodynamiс servodrive voltage stabilizers

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Three-phase voltage electro-Series SIRIUS DIGITAL operate with a load capacity from 60kVA to 6000kVA. Models available with the following ranges stabilize input voltage: ± 10%, ± 15%, ± 20%, ± 25%, ± 30%, -25% / +15%, -35% / +15% and -45% / + 15%. The accuracy of output voltage regulation of ± 0,5%.

It is worth noting that all the models of voltage stabilizers ORTEA (Italy) are designed with a certain power reserve above its nominal value.

Typical coefficient of performance (COP) of voltage stabilizers Series SIRIUS DIGITAL is 98%, and the rate of stabilization of 10 ms / V. Stabilizer provides smooth control voltage, operates at no cost to the load from 0% to 100%. Allowed prekos phases up to 100% due to the voltage regulation for each phase separately. The power factor of the voltage regulator is one. Braves tenfold starting currents, which will facilitate the choice of regulator, overseeing the only full-power loads. Guaranteed to work in temperatures ranging from -25 ° C to +40 ° C. Output voltage regulation occurs without interruption sinusoid, does not make the network harmonic distortion.

Stabilizers Series SIRIUS DIGITAL, as standard, equipped with a digital multimeter, the network of «LOVATO» (Italy) mounted on the front of the chassis to measure 47 parameters. In all voltage regulators SIRIUS DIGITAL overvoltage SPD Class I, Class II.

The cabinet, one or more lamps for indoor lighting. Close to switch the interior lighting is installed socket 230 and can be used to connect external auxiliary devices. If there is no voltage at the input of the voltage regulator, and an auxiliary light bulb socket can be connected to an external source 230V. Circuit is protected by fuses.

Bypass the electronic board (identical to the main circuit board and connected to it), manages to automatically bypass the voltage regulator. This occurs when the roller-current voltage regulator above the norm. In this situation, the electronic relay sends a signal to the main board for a team to control the movie goes to the voltage regulator board Bypass.

Card remote control to control a voltage stabilizer for remote connection and a USB-port.Remote Monitoring System ("Datatel") and allows the user to control the technical department Ortea stabilizer work in real time, if you have one, anywhere in the world.In the event of an overload on the part of the consumer, or going beyond the control input voltage activated alarm beep. For short-circuit or overload in the output of the voltage regulator circuit provides automatic circuit breakers. Management diagrams for each phase protected by fuses.

The equipment is mounted in a metal housing, color RAL7035 and protection class IP21, dimensions depend on the capacity. Depending on the model have a natural and forced air cooling.SIRIUS automatic stabilizers cover the power range of 30 kVA to 2000 kVA and allow selecting the voltage input parameters in the wide range of -45 % to +30 %.

SIRIUS voltage stabilizers provide the voltage independent leveling of each phase.

SIRIUS stabilizer is designed for using in unstable electric power networks with unbalanced three- and/or single-phase load which requires the high-quality voltage.

This stabilizer type is air-cooled (at temperature up to 40 °C the natural convection is used).

Measuring devices are combined with control panel which is located on the rack door and consists of two multitask digital analyzers. These analyzers provide measuring the input and output voltage status and such parameters as current, power factor, active power, total power, reactive power and others. Control panel contains the LEDs to indicate the each phase voltage presence, appropriate adjustments and adjustment directions (increasing / decreasing).

Additionally, there is provided the light and sound indication of emergency conditions at minimum and maximum voltage values, overheating, and ventilation system fault. Control system high accuracy and reliability is achieved due to using the high-technology microprocessors. These microprocessors provide the remote monitoring of stabilizer condition with the help of computer.

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  • * Adjustable output voltage: 220 - 240 (LN); 380 - 415 (LL)
  • Stabilization accuracy: ± 0,5%
  • Crest factor - 10/1
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz ± 5%
  • Allowable load variation 0 - 100%
  • Load imbalance is allowed up to 100%
  • Operating temperature: -25 / +45 ° C
  • Storage temperature: -25 / +60 ° C
  • Relative Humidity: 95%
  • Overload capacity: 200% 2min
  • Housing color: RAL 7035
  • Protection: IP 21
  • Installation: indoors


* - Any value