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Electric boards, distribution cabinets

While offering to our customers the completed solutions of electric power supply systems, we develop and produce the optimal in the price and quality distributing boards, lead-in-accounting cabinets and other switching equipment using the best components manufactured in Europe.

   Lead-in-distributing boards   

Lead-in-distributing board is designed for reception and distribution of electric energy with AC voltage 380 / 220 V and frequency of 50 Hz, the overload protection, protection against the short-circuit currents and the earth leakage currents.

Lead-in-distributing board is produced for unilateral maintenance and designed for installation in electric room of the residential, public, domestic buildings, banks, transport and communication enterprises, etc.

According to installation type, the boards can be manufactured for wall and floor mounting. Additionally, on the customer request, for monitoring the mains parameters, there are installed the digital or analog instruments, analyzer of the mains parameters with possibility of the local (in electric room) and remote monitoring the parameters with data output in table and graphical form using the computer.


   Reactive power compensation devices   

Application of reactive power compensation devices is one of the effective ways to reduce the energy consumption. Using the equipment with high reactivity leads to conductors overheating and increased financial costs (the customer pays for the power which was not actually consumed by him).

Reactive power compensation is designed for compensation of reactive power in the low-voltage (0.4 kV) electric mains. The systems with power of 5 to 6000 kVar are available and designed for mains with the low level of the high harmonics currents.

There are envisaged two modes of reactive power control - manual and automatic.

Manual mode allows the capacitor plant power arbitrary control. Automatic mode is provided with the microprocessor controller ensuring the continuous monitoring the cos Ψ current value. Power factor adjustment range is 0.85 (inductive) to 0.95 (capacitive).

Reactive power compensation board is produced for unilateral maintenance and designed for installing in the electric room. The cabinet contains capacitor banks, switching, protective and driven devices, conductor lines. Microprocessor automatic power regulator, light-signaling and control equipment is located on the cabinet door.


   Power plant automatic control board   

Power plant automatic control board is equipped with ATS and RGAM controller and designed for the power plant automatic start and stop. RGAM controller monitors the mains parameters and outputs the command for tripping the mains contactor and power plant start-up in the event  of voltage fail, its value decrease / increase in one of the phases.

Power plant contactor disconnection and connection of the mains contactor is executed after the normal voltage recovery. Power plant is shutdown after cooling completion. Power plant failure {emergency stop) alarm can be received by the mobile phone via the SMS-output.


   Load automatic compensation board   

Load automatic compensation board (LCB) is designed for automatic connecting the compensating load to the operating diesel-generator at low (less than 30 %) intrinsic load in the event of starting up the diesel-generator in the manual or automatic mode.

Compensation can be executed stepwise for three phases simultaneously or for each phase independently.