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The unique technology offered by GE Digital Energy and known as Redundant Parallel Architecture™ (RPA™) provides parallel connection of any Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPSe) therewith achieving complete back-up of the whole system.

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While using RPA, there is no necessity to install external electronic devices and switchers to manage the UPS modules in the parallel system. One of the UPS modules in the system chosen at random becomes a “leading” one. Access of all other UPS modules to all control parameters is provided simultaneously. In case of a UPS failure the load will be automatically distributed between operative modules. If the “leading” UPS fails, other UPS undertakes the “leading” part automatically. RPA system structure has no non-reserved destruction points that provides maximal power supply protection level for critical loads.

Features and Benefits
  • RPA provides overall reservation of all critical elements and allows connecting up to eight UPS in parallel in case of load increase and ensures superior dynamic features based on the load distribution. RPA guarantees the highest protection level of critical applications.
  • The module design provides for quite easy system updating and retrofit in order to further expand the power without system cut-off or its transfer to bypass.
  • Simple installation and maintenance.
  • High speed reserved digital bus and control electronics make ensures prompt decision-making and high reliability degree.
  • System scalability provides its high operation efficiency.
  • The peer-to-peer architecture where any UPS may be a “leading” one ensures absence of destruction points.
  • Cascade  smooth start (while the supply mains is recuperated) makes it possible to avoid generator overloads, wiring and fuse overheat as well as electrical disturbances affecting other loads with the same input.
  • Intelligent Energy Management™ (IEM™) allows optimal use of the UPS power working in the parallel system.