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NTT Energy Held a Seminar for Design Engineers on June, the 3rd
The seminar organized by NTT Energy for design engineers specially took place on June, the 3rd, in Palladium Business Centre. The seminar was named “SDMO POWER SOLUTION” and was devoted to the issue of practical design solutions of total energy systems.
45 persons, specialists of the leading design institutes from different cities of Ukraine, participated in the seminar.
NTT Energy invited experts of SDMO plant, one of the world leading manufacturers of diesel generator installations, as reporters of the seminar directly.
The first topic of the report was the issue of correct diesel generator capacity selection in compliance with the standards, regulations and directives that SDMO has been governed with. The participants received practical advices from NTT Energy experts as well as recommendations of SDMO plant representatives. The seminar participants received special software as a working tool to define capacity of diesel generator plants.
The special focus for the participants was made to how one should consider peculiarities of conditions for the installation while selecting an electric power plant. The reporters spoke to the listeners on possibilities of indoor noise insulation systems for diesel generators as well as other details that should be necessarily considered while implementing the project within the framework of the topic. A number of useful recommendations on design the cooling system of the premises where the diesel generator plant is situated were rendered.
Except of self-contained power supplies, a range of other equipment is included into the local power supply network. The experts of NTT Energy and SDMO Plant concerned the matter of automatic control as a special issue. They told how one should choose appropriate diesel generator control board for every certain task, and configure the control system as a whole.
We hope sincerely, that the information gathered for the participants was interesting, and the time spent on the seminar passed with utmost efficiency for them.