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Results of the Conference “GE: Experience of System Solutions”

The annual conference organized by NTT Energy and GeneralElectric Companies took place on October, 12, at Rus Hotel Complex.

This year the conference was titled “Experience of System Solutions”, and, correspondingly, the reports focused on revealing the practical value of engineering tasks solution at different levels as well as the equally important issue of project management and implementation.
Traditionally, the conference was opened with a salutation word by the President of NTT Energy Company, Piletskyi Ivan.
Afterwards, there was a presentation on a global role of GE Digital Energy Company in the world processes of providing reliability and safety in energetic systems by representatives of GE Company, Aleksey Savkin and Diego Toledo. 
Thereafter the sensational report by Diego Toledo waited for the guests of the conference. He represented a brand-new not-announced before concept of a system solution, module UPS EM Series from GE Company. 
To the larger extent, the solution to release new module series is imposed with the current market demand on flexibility of uninterruptible power system dimensional scaling.
Nowadays, EM Series energy supply modules are rated 20 and 40 KVA; this assumes maximum system expansion up to 240 kVA in the first case, and 480 kVA in the another one. According to Mr. Toledo, release of 10 kVA modules has been recently planned that will make it possible to create systems of law capacity and possibility of flexible scaling.
As opposed to traditional module solutions, EM Series system envisages complete backup of all components that compares it favorably with other systems of the kind. The technology of parallel connection, RPA, approving itself since long has been realized here also at the level of control components backup. It will be known in the most immediate future how this will be realised with appearance of the technical documentation translated in Russian. Basing on the data represented in Mr. Toledo’s report, new EM Series module system features the same high technical characteristics possessed with GE cubicle-type UPS.
Then the director of UPS department, Pavel Khvendynich, appeared with a short narrative on NTT Energy Company, its achievements, directions and possibilities in creating integrated solutions.
Awarding of four partner enterprises, and namely IT-Resources, Allure-Max, AMI and Direx took place within the framework of the conference.
Great many representatives of partner enterprises were traditionally present among the conference guests. The manager on dealer network development, Anton Sharov, took a word for presentation on peculiarities of creating low-capacity systems in different conditions and various purpose facilities both for them and the customers who deal with tasks of integration law-capacity systems in their work.
The report devoted to the issues of complex solutions for high-capacity systems represented by the corporate customers’ relations of NTT Energy, Yuriy Yurevich, followed it then.
The speech of manufacturing director deputy, Andrey Petrashkevich, was devoted to not less important issues of practical implementation of the project, and namely the stage of design documents drawing and its approval in different administrative agencies.
Representatives of the corresponding directions talked on other components of the uninterruptible power supplies, and namely Anatoliy Shevchuk, the head of manufacturing department, reported on distributing gears, Vladimir Shymko, a manager of diesel generator units department, introduced his presentation on sources of self-contained power supply, and Anton Sharov spoke on voltage stabilizers. 
At last, the live backstage discussion of current issues became not less informative for the guests of the conference.