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The results of the conference: \"UPS ... what next? Future Technology in the accumulation and transformation of energy\"

November 9 at the hotel complex Rus annual conference, organized by NTT Energy and General Electric.
This year's conference was devoted to future technologies in the accumulation and transformation of energy.
The essence of this intriguing themes uncovered in his report, Mr. Cas Rosenberg, Director of Sales EMEA, and Alex Savkin, Sales Manager GE Digital Energy. Before we look into the future, the speakers provided the audience a brief digression into the history of business formation UPS in GE, which this year celebrated its 45th anniversary, 17 of which, by the way, GE has a successful partnership with NTT Energy.
Talking about the evolution of the formation of technology, such as we see them today, Mr. Rosenberg moved to Kas current issues relating to energy efficiency and the related need for energy storage devices of the invention.
According to Mr. Rosenberg, recently acquired a GE 16 patents for inventions relating to business UPS. For 2011 as a whole GE has invested in research and development 5.8 billion dollars.
Despite the economic crisis, IT industrialization of developing, which requires the development of intelligent solutions that support IT systems. Thus, according to GE, UPS is the world market growth for the outgoing year was 7-8%.
Next speaker was Director of UPS Paul Hvedynich with a story about NTT Energy and its achievements and areas of work. As well as shared the experience of implementing energy efficiency solutions built on examples of specific systems.
The conference was the awarding of four partner organizations, which became the company AMI, NTS groups, medical and emergency Donetsk partner Kiselev.
Over the next speaker was Department Manager Igor Strotsyuk power generator. On the example of the implemented project, he told about the system of autonomous power of remote objects on the basis of solar modules, batteries and diesel generators.
The second part of the conference was held in the operation of two parallel sections. In the first section read the reports, which were interesting from the perspective of project implementation and intended for members of partner organizations. Opened the section of the report Andrew Petrashkevich, deputy technical director of NTT Energy, who spoke about the practical aspects of designing uninterruptible power supply systems: structure, development and coordination of project documentation.
It was followed by reports concerning the implementation of a comprehensive solution of system components such as inverters and chargers, autonomous power sources - diesel generators, input-device rasperedlitelnye, industrial voltage stabilizers.
The work of the second section was a round table was devoted to the issues faced by customers in the implementation of the power system in the infrastructure of the enterprise. The work of the second section were Anton and Yury Yurevich Sharov, they told the audience about the technology and the calculation of the configuration of UPS systems, the advantages of the UPS output GE, the differences between the series of powerful ups and peculiarities of their application in various food systems. The final report of the second section was the subject of batteries - today's electricity storage solutions.
We hope that the near foreseeable future will be fruitful for GE in the invention of energy storage devices that allow the world to move technology into the mainstream of environmentally friendly and save for our children, are actively used today, the natural resources.