New control panel for SDMO Portable range

The Portable Power generating sets can be equipped with a MODYS control panel unit (standard or in option). It ensures an
easy supervision and a secure functioning.
It has been designed in accordance with the other control panels of SDMO ranges and follows the same logic. 

Some Generating sets have the MODYS control panel in s standard : 
- Technic 10000 E AVR C
- Technic 15000 TE AVR C
- Technic 20000 TE AVR C
- Diesel 10000 E XL C
- Diesel 15000 TE XL C
- SD 6000 E XL
- SD 6000 TE XL

 Other generating sets propose the MODYS control panel in option (Factory assembly exclusively) :
- Technic 6500 E AVR
- Technic 7500 TE AVR