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Notice! New on-line unique-priced GE UPS

We are glad to inform you that we start to deliver new UPS GE of EP Series that will pleasantly surprise you with their quality-price ratio. This is the UPS of double conversion (on-line) with capacity from 700 till 3000 VA. Combining two main advantages: moderate price and traditional reliability under GE brand name, this product has already enjoyed its demand having hardly appeared at the market. The unique price of the EP Series, UPS of double conversion can compete only with proposals of the line-interactive UPS market.

On-line UPS of small capacity is the most reasonable decision for reliable protection of expensive office equipment, work stations and small servers. Both we and our partners have already had the experience of the series successful use and very positive references from the customers. Except of reliability and attractive price, the UPS of EP series feature a number of the one and only properties: 

• wide range of input voltage 110-300 Wt; 
• best-in-class stability of output voltage +/- 2%; 
• best-in-class robustness to overloads: 150% up to 30 seconds in normal mode; 
• powerful battery charger 8А. 
The series have been actively sold and acknowledged itself in use with medical equipment, servers, Hi-Fi devices, in sound recording studious, for boiler- and pump-rooms, in the sphere of industrial automation.