ИБП SG Series 10-600 кВА, промышленные ибп, ибп промышленный, Промышленные ИБП, промышленный ибп, промышленные источники бесперебойного питания, ибп для сервера, ибп для серверов, источник бесперебойного питания промышленный, промышленный источник

Assembling and Commissioning


We perform the complete range of works on installation and start-up of electro-technical equipment, and namely:

  • Preparation of the facility to the equipment mounting (basements for DGU and TP; erection and reconstruction of DGU-, TP- and UPS-premises);
  • Delivery and assembly of different electric and technical equipment (using cranes, loading appliances, other special construction machines);
  • Assembling systems of process ventilation (using air-ducts of any size and configuration);
  • Assembling systems of exhaust emissions for DGU (using altitude machinery– cradle scaffolds, boom trucks, steeplejack squads);
  • Assembling inner and outer power supply wire networks (with lay-out in premises, municipal territories with all necessary permissions);
  • Assembling light-current wire networks for automation and dispatching;
  • Assembling acoustic suppression systems (premises decoration, specialized air-ducts, etc.);
  • Assembling systems of fire alarm and extinguishing;
  • Assembling systems of automation and dispatching;
  • Electrical measuring works of any complexity level in networks with 0.4 kV;
  • Start-up and commissioning on the equipment integration into power and light-current networks of the Customer.

All works may be performed using either materials, equipment of NTT Energy or the Customer’s materials.

During assembling we provide all necessary documents according to SCS, SNiP and other regulations (acts of inaccessible works, protocols of measurements, executive documents, etc.) to the Customer.

All measurements are performed by our own licensed measuring laboratory with corresponding devices.

We are ready to work at any time convenient for the Customer (at night, on holidays and days-off). We move to any part of Ukraine.

NTT Energy is ready to operate as a general contractor as well as organize supervised installation.