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Design Works

NTT Energy Company performs the complete range of design works. We develop a general concept of the facilities construction jointly with the Customer in order to meet his demands to the projects maximally.
The comprehensive project of power supply includes:

  • Architectural and constructional part (solution on basements, equipment arrangement both in the premises and on the Customer’s territory, target specifications for building enterprises);
  • Process part (solutions for engineering systems used during the operation of the main equipment, i.e. ventilation, conditioning, smoke removal, refuelling system, acoustic suppression);
  • Electro-technical part (solutions on connection the Customer’s equipment to existing electric power networks: equipment connecting diagrams, cable routing plans, calculations for wiring selection, individual schemes of input and distribution equipment);
  • Automation and dispatching (solutions on remote monitoring and equipment control);
  • Fire alarm and extinguishing;
  • Chapter “Environmental Affect Assessment” (calculation of parameters for emissions and discharges, noise, acoustic pressure, vibration); 
  • Chapter “LECDP/ Automatic Systems for Commercial Accounting of Power Consumption”.

We approve and agree the design documentation with all state agencies and authorities.
NTT Energy has remained maximally open and transparent company at all stages of the design works. The Customer may receive complete information on the project state, terms of its accomplishing and each working stage at any time.

We can offer both the complex of ready-to-operate design works when the Customer receives the complete package of the necessary documents and assistance in development of certain sections.