ИБП SG Series 10-600 кВА, промышленные ибп, ибп промышленный, Промышленные ИБП, промышленный ибп, промышленные источники бесперебойного питания, ибп для сервера, ибп для серверов, источник бесперебойного питания промышленный, промышленный источник

Service and Maintenance


“Golden Service Partner”
of GE Company
Authorised Service Centre
of SDMO Company
Authorised Service Centre
of ORTEA Company
Authorised Service Centre
of EFORE Company


Service and maintenance system of NTT Energy is invoked to remove the burden of operational troubles from the Customer, fulfill its potential imbedded in the equipment supplied maximally, provide its faultless operation, and in case of breakdown – urgent repair.
It includes:

  • Warranty service;
  • Regular warranty maintenance;
  • Training of the Customer’s personnel on operation rules;
  • Technical consulting;
  • Equipment modernization.

Our service policy is aimed at prevention of any failures before their occurrence. The proper care and regular preventive maintenance will help to reduce idle hours, save time and money that could be spent for the equipment repair.

NTT Energy is an authorized service center of GE, SDMO, EFORE and ORTEA Companies in Ukraine. This will ensure that the specially trained staff performs servicing and maintenance of the systems at high quality level and strict compliance with the manufacturers’ manuals and regulations.

Engineers of NTT Energy Service Centre have the best control, diagnostic and measuring equipment, special vehicles, and communication means at their disposal.