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UPS management software

Monitoring and control by means of software make it possible to shut down applications, assess any situation correctly and make decision on further actions, e.g. cutting the loads to prolong autonomous operation of more important applications. Besides, the software notifies of troubles in the UPS that helps carry out service works immediately and continues normal operation.

Nowadays, power failure may lead to loss of important data, expensive idle time, and damage of computer and industrial equipment. Use of corresponding software for monitoring and control turns the UPS into a multipurpose solution of electric power supply quality. The software is indispensable and completely integrated element of the system increasing in its operability and providing process protection. In case of electric power failure, the software performs a number of runs: notifies users, transfers processes to a certain status, closes open files and communication channels and brings down the unattended systems correctly. In case of electric power supply resumption, automatic start-up of the system and its return to normal operation occur.



UPSMAN Software changes information with the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) via series port, USB-port or network interface (SNMP-card) to receive data on the status and parameter measuring. During UPS normal operation all data on the status of UPS are saved in a log file and may be viewed via the net.

When the electric power supply is off, UPSMAN monitors the time of UPS autonomous operation in the battery mode and initiates switching off the computers locally or via the net if it is necessary. UPSMAN may use optional software. Client’s part of the RCCMD allows shutting down computers and applications run in them correctly.

Different methods of shutdown and start-up are available: cold start, scheduled start-up, start-up via the net. Besides, the customizable and almost unlimited functions of event processing in UPSMAN provide a possibility to configure the system in advance to inform the user automatically: with a notification of the user via the net, a message via e-mail, a SMS sending or RCCMD signal to a remote computer in order to execute the command set up in advance.

Data on UPS status may be available via WEB-server. The access to it may be performed through a standard browser but an optional SNMP-card should be considered. UPSMAN supports the following UPS models: Match, VH Series, GT Series, LP1131T, LP33, SG Series. NEW UPSMAN V.5.7.66 is supplied: LP33, SG Series.

Client’s RCCMD

RCCCMD is a widely-spread and used client’s part for the UPS. It is compatible with 25 different operating systems and runs with UPSMAN jointly.This is the very module that performs PC shutdown where it is installed if the command from UPSMAN is received.


The modules UPSMON and JAVAMON are provided free of charge to display UPSMAN data via the net. UPSMON is a module for all Microsoft platforms while JAVAMON may be run in the operation systems that support Java application, LAN, WAN or Internet (TCP / IP) connection is used as a network connection between UPSMAN and control interfaces.

Through the instrumentality of graphic display it is possible to receive information: about the state of UPS batteries, temperature inside the UPS, input and output voltage; receive detailed diagrams of voltages and frequencies with a timeline, browse an event log file and many others.


  EP OS Shutdown System  

This software is developed for the UPS of GE EP Series and features the same functions as UPSMAN Software. 



IRIS™ (Internet Remote Information System).

This is a unique hardware and software complex for wide-area monitoring of large-scale UPS systems which main advantage is the highest hardware and software protectiveness.


• Switching to UPS via SNMP, access to the information is possible via GPRS channels or modem connection lines
• Developed alarm system: SMS, fax or e-mail
• Monitoring of a great number of UPS including other brands as a tree-type structure
• Monitoring of an array of critical parameters of UPS, user-friendly set-up and profiles
• Easy configuration and visualization, complete access via WEB-interface from any place of the world

Solution Concept

UPS are connected via Ethernet (SNMP-protocol) to the local IRIS-server installed in the customer’s net. User may observe and monitor the system by means of WEB-browser connection (https).

The local IRIS server is able to send e-mail via internal e-mail-server as well as receive SMS via SMS gateway that uses a GSM-adapter to deliver SMS. SMS delivering is provided with an event code of a certain UPS, thus, is performed as a help for service support and fast identification of a certain UPS status. A SMS adapter is an option and may be switched to the port of a local IRIS-server.


IRIS System is based on https (SSL), access to the system is possible solely if ID, log-in and password are entered. The system menu is simple: only on click is necessary to access menu easily.