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ZTGSE/ZTGDSE Automatic transfer switch

ATS upgraded series which, according to functional parameters, is similar to ATS ZTG series with only difference that it contains the additional devices. This ATS is most suitable for use in lead-in distributor (LID).

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The automatic transfer switch (ATS) ZTGSE series combines in one product the multiple functional elements such as the main source circuit-breaker, pulse interference suppression device, and instrumentation.   

This ATS is most suitable for use as the user's entry and has the following characteristics:
  • Current range: 40 to 800 А (2-, 3- and 4-pole) and 1000-3000 А (3- and 4-pole);
  • Complies with UL 1008 standard for voltage level of 480 V;
  • Two-position switch with mechanical lock;
  • Electronic control – mechanical holding;
  • Designed for the systems requiring the guaranteed electric power supply in the emergency cases;
  • Optional operating area with multiple outputs for connecting the load with voltage of 220 V;
  • Additional options (unlike the АВР ZTG series): built-in recharger, ground fault protection (GFP), tripper adjustment, instrumentation, built-in device for transient voltage surge suppression in the mains (TVSS).
  • Possibility of the switch operation with delay (ZTGDSE model).
Technical features and advantages
АВР ZTGSE series is equipped with the GE Zenith’s MX150 microprocessor panel which controls the ATS operations and displays the switch, timer and available alternative sources positions.  
The built-in digital microcontroller provides the high reliability and simple control for all the processes of the ATS operation. MX150 microprocessor panel basic characteristics are given below.  
  • Adjusting the timer settings, voltage and frequency parameters without disconnection from the mains;
  • Built-in diagnostics system with the liquid-crystal display for quick detection of troubles;
  • LED and LCD elements for displaying the ATS state;
  • Nonvolatile memory for storing the internal configuration state;
  • Circuit isolation of processor against the line voltage;
  • Input ports are reliably isolated for protection against the transient processes and interferences;
  • Built-in data transmission interface.